Solar Charger with Flash Light (2600mAH) (210)
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Solar Charger with Flash Light (2600mAH) (210)

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The solar mobile charger is the device of transferring the sun light power into electrical power, This one is working as: the solar panel transfer the sun energy into electrical energy which is stored in the built in 2600mA/h Lithium battery, the stored power is then exported to mobile phone, digital camera, MP3, MP4 and other digital products, of which the process is done by the control circuit, and the different adaptable connector. The AC charge is designed for continual overcast days when there is no sunlight, with the AC charge function, customer can charge the Lithium battery with AC100V-240V. The solar mobile charger is the ideal backup power supply for business trip, traveling, long distance journey, wildness working.

Tech factors

  • Panel material: polycrystalline silicon
  • Transform rate :16%
  • Built-in battery:2600mAh
  • LED lamp inside, as a electric torch
  • plug adaptors can be customized (Default is Moto,Sony Ericsson,Nokia ,SAMSUNG)
  • IC chip inside to prevent overcharging and short circuit
  • 10-15 hours charge the build in battery by solar Panel
  • 4hours charge the build in battery by AC adapter
  • mini size: 61.6*117*10.8mm
  • CE FCC RoHS certificated